Visual Art

You can capture a moment in your memory but you can not share it with others unless you pull out your camera and grab that moment with a click of the shutter button.  Photography is a great hobby but it is also a powerful  tool to communicate with.  No matter what language a person speaks the photograph tells the story.   Photography is a form of  visual art.

If you are a visual learner you may remember faces better than names.   Or remember pictures and be able to link them to words, when studying a pharmacy technician handbook  in  a section on the names of the most commonly used 200 prescription drugs,  I was stumped !  I could not even  pronounce these names so how would I be able to remember them !   I found someone had made a YouTube video listing the most common 200 prescription drugs  using picture icons to show the words  by breaking up the name of the drug  into small comic strips!    If you thought visual learning was just for kindergarten and 1st grade students learning to read it doesn’t end there.

When we look around our home at all the photographs of our family members it gives us a sense of belonging and a mirror to who we are.   Our family photo albums hold  our endeavors to create a wonderful life and all the achievements and highlights along the way.  Pictures can create feelings of harmony and peacefulness or adventure and fun just to name a few.   In our homes our art expresses our personal connections to the world in which we live.   In an effort to promote self confidence in a young child we might put up a self esteem board with pictures showing what that child can do . In an effort to leave our work life at the office we might bring home a giant portrait of ocean front property that gives us a feeling of relaxation so we can slip into our big easy chair and gaze at say a  waterfront view of the ocean  with a sailboat in the distance.  Sail on my friend !  Feeling stressed during final exams in college put up a poster of the forest !  Tall green trees can give you a sense of rising above it all !  You got this !  That is the power of images they can initiate emotions .  The rest is up to us.