What it was like before people lived in houses ?  How did they begin to  live off the land, build a shelter, grow  their own food, hunt and fish to survive ?  There are large numbers  of Americans who are learning to do just that,  they are called “preppers.”    Only they imagine that our current  lifestyles will collapse and only the strong and skilled will survive.   Could you survive without all the amenities you have ?  On the far end of this spectrum  there are tribes of people living on remote islands who already know how to do all these things and are fighting to keep their current lifestyles in tact while nearby governmental entities want to “civilize” them.   Aren’t they already civilized ?  Interesting how the meaning of the word civilized changes depending on the context.

As I walked thru the forest trails I could not help but think about these lifestyles and how  farmers and ranchers must be smack dab in the middle.  Having the knowledge to live off the land, grow their food , hunt and fish, fighting to keep their current lifestyles in tact with all the wildfires and flooding happening.  It’s nature they do battle with.

We live in a time where artificial intelligence devices tell us where the closest restaurants are or what the traffic looks like today on our way home from work !   We couldn’t be more different than those tribes on the remote islands.  Who do you think is more “connected “?   When we take our vacations to spend time outdoors are we trying to reestablish our connection to the world and our place in  it ?

Our world is one magnificent place,  full of people living all kinds of lifestyles and carrying all kinds of belief systems.  I don’t think I could survive in the forest so I will be happy to hit the road back home !

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