Bullseye Landing !

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker is a frequent visitor to my bird feeder.  One of my favorite shots was when he made a bullseye landing on the tree out front.  I quickly grabbed my camera in hopes of  getting  a shot before he flew off,  I got lucky and captured it !   I am an avid birdwatcher.  I love their positive energetic attitudes !

I began watching birds when I was about six years old.  Just like most kids I was a backyard explorer of nature.   I would take a cardboard box, a Y shaped twig, some bread crumbs and kite string to my backyard to set up my bird catcher box.  I would tie the string to the twig to hold the box up.    Place some bread crumbs under the box and unwind the string long enough to hide behind a nearby tree to wait for a bird to come eat the bread crumbs and then pull the string and capture the bird !

I started taking pictures when I was a preteen.  Later  I  learned how to develop film in a photography class in high school.   Although I loved the process of developing film,  the excitement I felt when pulling the paper up out of the chemicals to see how the picture turned out, I sure do not miss the smell of the chemicals we used back then !   I love how easy it is now to use memory cards with digital cameras.

In our hurry up, get up and go world I will stop and listen to who is around me, bird wise that is, who will greet me today I wonder as I step outside into the fresh air.  Will it be the Carolina Wren who sings so loud almost as if she is telling a story she wants everyone to hear.  Or will it be the Blue Jays calling to their young as they learn to fly from branch to branch among the trees.  Blue Jays take their parenting seriously keeping a close eye on their young ones.  It could be “Where are you?”  “I am over here!”  Or a game of ‘Marco !   Polo !’ but one thing is for sure they are communicating with each other.

Here are some of the birds that  I have ” captured ”  : )