Like a Rodeo Cowboy

With all that goes on in the world today I feel very lucky, that is what I always tell myself but in the last few years I have come to realize that lucky is probably the wrong word to use.  It may be more about perception than luck.   For example,  one day I was walking to the store to get groceries.  It was a very windy day.   As I  rounded the corner of the block I came across a man that was  really high up in a big  tree.   My guess is that  he had climbed up so high so he could cut the branches off the tree that were rubbing against the roof of the house next to the tree.  The man had let go of his tools and was hanging onto the tree branches with all his might as they were  swaying in the wind.   He was grinning ear to ear !   When I saw  him I stopped for a minute and smiled as I realized this guy was  happy up there.  He was riding those tree branches like a rodeo cowboy !   Mother nature was taking him for ride on the wild winds.  I felt his joy as I realized what it was like to forget about fear and enjoy the ride of the strong winds .  I admired his fearlessness !  That moment in time was a gift for me to appreciate the strength of the human spirit.  We all have this strength within ourselves we call upon it or it calls upon us at any given day as we live our lives on this earth.   It has nothing to do with being lucky but everything to do with our spirit and how we see it in others and ourselves.

I thought about his fearlessness and how it showed courage, a quality of his spirit .   His smile told me he was confident.  I was given an lesson of what perception does for us in our daily lives and how it impacts our spirit directly affecting how we feel when we engage in activities.